Yesterday we had so say goodbye to Fuerteventura. During our last days we spent a lot of time in the water as the first fall swell had arrived – meaning decent sized & crystal clear waves. Perfect conditions basically.

Even the kids were able to learn the next surfing steps (sitting on the board, turning the board, turtle rolls, …) and joined us in the line up on a small day so they could get a feeling of how surfing will start to look like for them. On that note we would like to express our thanks to our surf teacher Tommy who challenged and encouraged our kids. They wouldn‘t have made that much progress this year without him.

Looking back we can say that we had a good time on the two islands with some highs and some lows. Some things that we had looked forward to did not go as planned and caused more friction and problems than we thought. On the other hand, we were pleasantly surprised by two people – Cyn from Surfskate Fuerteventura and our lovely friend Irini who we first met last year. 

We took two lessons with Cyn to get some basics on surf skating (we brought boards and protection for us so we kind of had to do it 😆) and both the kids and we had an awesome time with her and learned a lot. It was so cool to see everyone make progress despite not having much power left after the daily surf lessons.

We also really enjoyed reconnecting with our friend Irini, her Pilates lessons were also great (and painful at the same time). She is such a wonderful person and we will miss hanging out with her. Hopefully she comes to visit us in Germany soon.

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