We had made some really great plans for Father’s Day today. Since our kids had so much fun visiting a cave last time we went on a hike we decided to visit another one today. It was the Tiefenhöhle Laichingen, one of the deepest show caves we have in Germany. If you are in the area we recommend going there. They also have a little museum right next to it, that you can either visit before or right after your trip down the cave.

Another cool thing is the high ropes course, that is situated right next to the cave. And of course, as another surprise for the kids, we had also planned to go there. The nice thing about it is, that they already have courses for 2-year old kids, which is something special. We really liked it and had a lot of fun. But with older kids, we prefer the high ropes course in Rutesheim (In Rutesheim your time isn’t limited and the courses are not limited to a certain age it just depends on how tall you are)

After we burned our energy we also decided to drive to Blaubeuren, which was only a 15 minutes drive. Finding a parking spot on a public holiday can be quite a challenge… Our plan was to first get some ice cream in a nice café and after that to walk to the Blautopf, which the kids haven’t seen yet. It’s a really unique place and worth visiting despite the many tourists.

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