On our first day back in the lovely Alsace we went to visit the Château Haut-Koenigsbourgh. It’s one of the biggest castles here in the area. There are enough parking spots right next to the castle but we recommend arriving before lunchtime as it does get pretty crowded. The castle is very nice and it’s definitely worth the price of admission.

After our visit to the castle we had a short lunch break in our car before we proceeded to the Montagne des Singes. It’s a mountain / park where you can watch free roaming Barbary macaques. A very special experience, similar to the one on the Affenberg Salem near the Lake Constance. After seeing the monkeys the kids got to play a little bit on the playground there.

Pretty exhausted from all the impressions we drove back to our apartment to have a little break and some coffee. Afterwards we restocked our wine supplies at our favorite vinery in Alscace.  Since we were in the area we payed another cute little town a visit, Eguisheim, where you have to park outside the city center and walk in. But the tarte flambée and desserts at the restaurant Kas’Fratz are worth the walk 🙂

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