Yesterday we took a trip to Zavelstein, as you can see the blossom of the crocus this time of the year. There is a loop trail around the fields with the flowers, but the fields are closed off so that everyone get’s to enjoy the crocus blossoms. It really is a unique event. Since people from all over Baden Württemberg come to see it we recommend coming on a weekday – or show up early on the weekend. You also have to take into account the weather as the blossoms only open if the sun is shining. If you visit the official Zavelstein website you can find information about the current growth level of the flowers. They only bloom in a very short window at the end or March so you really have to time it right.

The area has much more to offer (we saw parts of it already last year when we visited the Rötelbachtal) and once we had seen enough of the flowers we decided to drive a few minutes to see the Beilfelsen (Axe-rock). We could’ve also walked from the flower fields but that route would’ve been a bit too much, we’re still taking it slow after the winter break. This way we had just a couple of miles to go through the forest – perfect to spend some time in nature. There’s also a nice lookout point next to the Beilfelsen. We had hoped to climb up the ladder in “cave” of the Beilfels, but sadly someone had removed it (no idea why). The kids still had some fun exploring the area.

On the way back (after also having spent an hour trying more or less successfully to clean the Sahara dust off of our car) we also stopped by the Breuningerland in Sindelfingen. Right now they are trying to build the biggest self-supported LEGO ship of the world (until the 26th of March) and everyone who wants to help can do so. Those who know our kids know that this is not something we could’ve passed up on 😉

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