Yesterday was a day full of ups and downs. On our way to Bastia we stopped by a company that manufactures essential oils, but we were so disappointed when we got there. No one was wearing a mask there, neither the shop assistant nor the clients, even though there was a big sign saying: „Please, wear your masks.“ Also as soon as we arrived, we were totally ignored. The lady didn‘t stop talking to a French couple. We didn‘t hear a „Bonjour“ and she also didn‘t let us know that she would be with us in a second, nothing… We just felt, that they didn‘t want to do business with us, which is why we left after a while not having bought a single thing.

After that we went to an amazing restaurant by the ocean: The Flibustier. The restaurant is famous for it‘s amazing ice cream, which meant after lunch we had to get some of their ice cream creations as desert. And their Sundaes did not disappoint.

After lunch we headed to the campground San Damiano (our last stop before we go home). Let‘s just say we are glad that we only booked two nights there. It started out with a super unfriendly lady at the reception and continued with an inventory list, which left us speechless. In all our last 6 accommodations and various vacation homes in the last years, we never had to do an inventory check as part of a check in. Which meant for us we first had to start counting forks, knives any many more things. It didn‘t help that the translation for many of these things were more than weird. So on top of that we were busy googling the meaning of these Frensh words and we had to find all of these things in the bungalow. If you arrive at your destination after a couple hours drive, all you want to do is settle in and not do an inventory check. And what is even more absurd is that when we check out they are not going to verify the list with us being there. If so many things get stolen here (that’s what you can assume, because a rule like this doesn‘t come out of nowhere), we don‘t want to know what kind of people spend their time here on this campground. That‘s another reason why we decided to not come here again. 

Only the beach, which is very close to our bungalow (about a 1 minute walk, but still not a direct access), saved the day and helped us to have a nice evening together, despite everything else we had experienced that day. The kids were super happy playing in the sand again. This time they even played together in perfect harmony, using all the sticks and seashells they could find, to build a nice „bonfire“.

We also spent the last few days by the beach. We didn‘t have that many waves, but still used the time to practice the pop up with Nate on the surfboard and he did well. The outdoor shower on our patio also helps a lot to get rid of all the sand before we head back to Germany.

Here are some night shots from our beach:

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