On our last day in Alsace we visited the cheese museum in Munster. You have to buy tickets online in advance for the tour, they offer the tours in French and (lucky for us) in German. The guide really did a great job to explain the process, he even managed to keep the kids’ attention – no small feat. After the presentation we got to try different cheeses along with wine for the adults and woodruff sirup for the kids. Then we were able to explore the museum a bit on our own plus we got to watch a short movie about the mountain farmers who produce the milk for the famous munster cheese. All in all we spent 1.5 enjoyable hours there – highly recommended!

When we last visited Alsace (in winter of 2021) we were wondering why there are depictions of the stork everywhere. Now, in summer, we understand why. Every town has at least 5 stork nests on top of churches and other high buildings. Something very special we had not seen so far.

On our way home today we decided to stop by the Kaiserstuhl in the Black Forest. There is one small hike there, the “Smaragdeidechsen Pfad”, which had ben on our “to hike” list for a while. The area is also very pretty in spring/summer with the poppy bloom – but we were already a little late for that. The green lizard is super shy – usually once you spot them they vanish into the bushes. If you have two kids with you who are not always the most patient and quiet your chances do not really increase 😉 But we got lucky and spotted a couple of lizards between the blades of grass.

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