Our second day turned out a little bit differently than originally planned. At first we had set our sights on hiking the Sentier des Roches, a quite famous alpine climb in the Vosges. But due to the difficulty of the climb we decided to wait a little bit longer until our kids are older. Instead we hiked the Sentier de la Wormsa. It’s also a challenging path but it’s only strenuous and a lot less dangerous.

The hike really was quite something! It took us 4 hours (including many short photo and picknick breaks) for the 4.9 mile long loop trail with close to 1,000 ft altitude difference. On the way up to the Lac de Fischboedle we had to walk climb over rocks with only a few stretches of the hike on actual forest paths. Compared to our usual hikes in Germany this was indeed a different beast altogether. On our way up we saw chamois, waterfalls and many streams. It was as beautiful as it was exhausting. The way down wasn’t nearly as exciting/exhausting but at least we got back to the car rather quickly.

Since we got back to the car much earlier than anticipated we decided to drive to the Hohneck, a nearby mountain in the Vosges. It does not only have a panoramic view of the surrounding lakes and mountains but you can also have coffee and awesome blueberry tarte. Of course we had to give it a try.
We also got to see the reservoir Lac Du Schiessrothried – a lake which we could’ve also seen had we extended our hike in the morning. But his way we saved some energy and still got to see the lake 🙂

On our way back to the apartment we drove by a summer toboggan run, with no line whatsoever. So we spontaneously decided to give it a try. Since both of our kids are taller than 4 ft they were not allowed to ride with us (as they did the last time we went on a similar toboggan run in Germany). So they got do go on their own for the very first time! They got back down safely, albeit veeeeeeery slowly 😉

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