Last weekend „auntie Betty“ came to visit us on this beautiful island. Our first trip on Sunday led us to the famous „popcorn beach“ in the North of the island. Last winter we went to the wrong spot so this time I made sure we were heading into the right direction. (You could tell it was the right place by looking at all the influencers at the beach taking fotos of their butts…)

As we mentioned in our blog post last winter the „stones“ that look like popcorn, are red algaes that die off and turn white. That phenomenon draws hundreds of people to this place. Which is why it is strictly forbidden to take any of them with you.

After visiting the „popcorn beach“ we went to the piscinas naturales also in the North of Fuerteventura. At low tide it is a beautiful place to go swimming in these natural pools or to look at the crabs that hide in the rocks and also to go snorkeling. It was a great and relaxing Sunday before our surf lessons started again on Monday.

Auntie Betty decided to join our lessons for 3 days. Last week we only went to Morro Beach, which is one of the few beach breaks that we have here. So it was a nice change, that we went to our beloved Punta Blanca surfspot today. Most of the people don’t like this spot at all, because it means that you need to have lots of paddle strength. To reach the line up you have to paddle out far, through a wide and long channel where the water remains calm. A perfect spot for beginners even though it is a reef break. So once more it showed us, that it was a good idea to practice and train before our trip. Punta Blanca is one of my favourite surf spots, as the waves are a bit slower and last longer.

Little nap after the surf session for Noam and our surf instructor Tommy, who pulled him all the way onshore 😉

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