Yesterday we headed out for a little “hike” to another waterfall in the Black Forest, the Geroldsauer waterfall. This time it was a very short route with only 3.1 miles. We arrived around noon, which was a little bit too late. I’d come a little bit earlier if possible next time, as parking spots are limited.

We parked by the Parkplatz Geroldsauer Wasserfälle and followed the signs along the river to the waterfall. The special thing about the waterfall is, that there are many rhododendron trees growing along the path. Unfortunately it was too cold last winter, so there are not that many trees blooming right now. But the ones that are look so pretty. After walking the loop trail we headed back to the parking spot. Right before, there’s a little house in which you can find some local honey that you can buy. I highly recommend the Weißtannenhonig, which is rare and therefore a little bit more on the pricy side.

On our way back home we first had to stop by a cool playground the kids spotted, when we drove to the waterfall. It looked rather new and the kids could spend a little bit more of their energy there. After that stop we still didn’t drive home but decided to go up to the old castle of Hohenbaden. You can park right on top of the hill and only get there within a few minutes. It’s a huge castle that you can explore for free. Because of that it’s also a popular place and during the weekends a bit overcrowded with tourists. At the entrance there’s a little kiosk where we got some ice cream (that we promised to the kids… :-)) All in all we had another Saturday well spent exploring nature.

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