We want to tell you all about our last trip to Switzerland, which, again, was pretty amazing. In total we stayed there for 4 days. 2 of those days we visited the public swimming pool in Chur, which was awesome. The pool has a lot to offer: a 5 meter diving platform, a 3 and 1 meter diving board, 25 meter pool for swimmers, kiddy pool, non swimmer pool, a very warm thermal water pool and a dark tube slide. And the good thing is, the entrance fee is actually quite reasonable (considering it is Switzerland). It’s even cheaper than the Fildorado in Filderstadt…

On Saturday we decided to visit the Zoo in ZĂĽrich. It is a nice place where you can easily spend half a day. If you arrive a little bit “later” during the day, which we did, you have to park a little bit further away. We didn’t expect it to be that crowed but that wasn’t much of a problem. A bus takes you to the entrance for free and then back again to your car when you leave the park. If you’re in the area it is worth paying this place a visit.

Diehard zoo fans can also buy the authentic Swiss stuffed snake at the exit for a measly 1000 Swiss francs. Unfortunately (and much to the chagrin of our kids) we did not have that much cash on us, so we sadly had to leave without it.

On Sunday morning it was raining. So we had to wait until the rain would stop, cause we wanted to go on a hike. As soon as the rain cleared up we drove to the Parkplatz Amden/Betlis. The drive itself is already a huge adventure, as the street is so narrow that you can only drive it in one way. The problem is that there’s just one road leading to the parking spot, which means you have a 5 minute window to start driving there (either from xx:00-xx:05 or xx:30-xx:35) and a 5 minute window to start driving back (either from xx:15-xx:20 or xx:45-xx:50). On top of that, you have to deal with lots and lots of people that also have to take this road on foot or by bike. Some even bring strollers, walking bikes for the kids and other stuff… You can imagine what kind of adventure this was. But at the end it was totally worth the hassle. This 2.2 miles “hike” leads to the second highest waterfall of Switzerland, the Serenbachfall with 1919 ft. It was absolutely breathtaking and we’re glad we went there. If you consider visiting this place, I would advise you to go either super early in the morning or go there during the week. We arrived at 11:15 am and arrived back again at 1:00 pm, which was a little bit too late if you ask me.

In the afternoon and evening we had another thing planned. With Michael’s brother Joe and his wife Michelle we went to a unique place right by the Rhine river to have a bonfire and to look for pyrite. We had such a fun time and even got lucky. After a while I figured out for which stone I have to look, so I found quite a lot…. 🙂

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