Today we went to the Eselsburger Tal to look at some flowers: The Märzenbecher. As the name describes it, they only grow during March. The total hike was around 4.4 miles and took us around 4 hours with a little break in between.

We had an early start this morning because we knew that this is a popular place. So at around 9:30 we arrived at the Eselsburger Tal Wanderparkplatz, which was still empty. We walked through the little town called Eselsburg and then on the left side of the river Brenz towards Anhausen. If you look at the woods on the left side you will see something unique: A carpet full of this little flowers called Märzenbecher. Experts estimate that a quarter of a million flowers bloom there.

At the domain Falkenstein we went across the river and then back along the other side of the Brenz. At the beaver lodge we took a little lunch break. Unfortunately the sun had just decided to hide behind a cloud which made our lunch pretty chilly.

After this short break we decided to go see the petrified virgins. A legend tells us that a damsel living in the castle of Eselsburg had to find a husband. But all the men she saw weren’t good enough. When she got older the men stopped coming so she got angry and started hating all men. The damsel had two maids. They got to know a fisherman who invited them to go on a boat ride with him on the river. As soon as the damsel found out she got very angry and out of jealousy she cursed them so that they turned into stone. During a thunderstorm a lightning struck the tower of the castle and so the damsel died in burning flames.

The kids had a lot of fun climbing the rocks, it’s definitely a place we’ll revisit once it’s warmer.

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