Our last day in Pietrosella, as well as our departure day, still suffered from the lingering aftermath of the storm from the previous days: Lots of rain. Therefore we had to scrap our original plan to drive into the mountains once more. 

Instead we headed to Plage Ruppione one more time in order to enjoy the (now „only“ 2 ft) waves. But as today is Sunday the water was packed with surfers  – at one point there were 16 people in the water waiting for waves. Those were unfortunately quite rare today so we packed up again rather quickly and started our drive towards the south of Corsica. Shortly thereafter it started to rain (yet again).

After a quick stop at a Patisserie (the French sure know how to make sweet stuff) we arrived at the intermediate destination of today: Bonifacio. Originally we had planned to leave this city out due to the Corona risk. But the weather was so bad (it was still pouring when we arrived at the parking lot) the city was pretty much deserted. The famous „Staircase of the King of Aragon“ was unfortunately closed due to the bad weather (that is one set of stairs where you definitely do not want to slip – either you fall into the ocean or you fall down 178 steps). So we went to visit the Bastion de l‘Etendard. The kids were happy that we went to another museum (they had been bugging us to go to another one since our visit to Corte) and we also enjoyed it, as it was just as deserted as the rest of the city. This concluded our rather successful bad weather program. 

All that was left to do was to drive to our next campground near Porto Veccio, La Vetta. We booked a small mobile home for the next days here, but since the camp ground is almost empty (we only saw one other occupied bungalow and no tents, nor RVs) we got a free upgrade to a bigger mobile home. Now the kids even have their own shower (I highly doubt they‘ll use it on their own for anything else than shenanigans though). 

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