Yesterday was our last full day here in Prague which we used to travel to a nearby town called Kutná Hora. It’s just a 1.5 hour drive and we can highly recommend going there if you are in the general area – it’s really worth it. Friends of ours recommended to visit the Sedlec Ossuary, so this was our first stop. Legend has it that someone brought soil from the holy grave in Jerusalem to this cemetery so bodies from all over Europe were brought here. Due to famines, the plague and various wars the number of bones grew to over 40 000 which is why the church started to collect them in the ossuary. According to lore a half-blind monk started piling the bones in pyramids in the 16th century, the current form with a chandelier and a coat of arms made out of bones was created by a wood carver in the 19th century. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos inside, but we took some pictures from the outside so you can get an idea of how it looks inside.

In order to remain faithful to our program 😉 we also visited two more churches: The St. Barbara Church and the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady and Saint John the Baptist. You can get a ticket that includes admission to both churches and the ossuary. 

For lunch we went to the restaurant Dačický a traditional Czech tavern. I have to say that we had the best food of our whole trip there. I had wild boar goulash with raisin and gingerbread dumplings, Michael had dumplings filled with shredded duck and cabbage. The food alone was worth the trip, go there for lunch if you’re in Kutná Hora.

We didn’t do much in the late afternoon besides driving back to Prague and going shopping. All in all this was a very successful short trip. It was a little bit cold sometimes (it is November after all) but also not too crowded. If you haven’t been to Prague we can only echo our friends and urge you to come here for at least a couple of days. There is so much to do and see, also for kids.

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