Since we haven’t been on the road for quite some time we decided to use the school’s fall break for a short trip to Prague. We are usually a little skeptical when it comes to city trips with kids, but since so many of our friends (who had been there, sometimes even multiple times) did not stop raving about how beautiful it is and also suitable for kids we decided:  All right, let’s give it a try!

After almost 5 hours of uneventful driving we reached our hotel in the city center, the Charles Bridge Hotel. The hotel is perfect for families. We have two rooms with a shared bathroom – one for the kids, one for us. Plus it’s right in the middle of the old town of Prague so you can leave the car in the hotel parking garage and just walk everywhere.

That’s why we quickly stashed our suitcase in the room and went to visit our first museum: The Gallery of Steel Figures Museum. As the name suggests it is full of famous figures (and cars) made out of scrap steel. And, unlike pretty much every other museum, you can touch everything. Finally a museum where our kids could experience the art the only way they know – by really immersing themselves into it, sitting in the cars, playing with it, touching it. 

Afterwards we still had some time so we went to the Illusion Art Museum. A museum full of optical tricks and illusions. This was another highlight for the kids – even though it did feel a little like a tourist trap to us. After all, most of these tricks and illusions were an old hat for us adults. But the kids loved it so we can still recommend it for families

Finally it was time for dinner. We had a craving for Lebanese food so we had to go to the Jaffa restaurant. It was something special that we hadn’t had since our visit to Berlin in the spring of 2016. And even though it was new for the kids they loved it as well (especially the dessert, Harise)

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