Yesterday, we visited one of prettiest gorges we have ever seen: The Taminaschlucht. We drove to Bad Ragaz and took the bus to the entrance of the gorge. You can’t drive up there on your own and you’re also not allowed to take the bike up there. The only other way would be to hike to the entrance of the gorge which is 2.5 miles. But our plan was to explore the gorge and then hike a loop trail back to our car in Bad Ragaz which was already 4.4 miles with 1804 feet in altitude.

The gorge is amazing. There’s not much light in there and at the end you walk through a tunnel which leads to the source of the river. The gorge is a oneway street, so you have to walk back again. After that we started with our loop trail. It was very hard for the kids especially Nate who refused to keep going from time to time :-).

The loop trail we walked included a stop at a ruin. Across from the ruin is a statue of Jesus that looks like the original statue from Rio de Janeiro. But we didn’t spend much time there and kept going on. The kids were quite exhausted at the end and fell asleep in the car.

At the end of the day we went into the woods near Chur to grill over a campfire once more. It was a very nice ending of our vacation time here in Switzerland.

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