Yesterday we decided to go to Baiersbronn in the Black Forest. We parked at the “Wanderparkplatz Sankenbachtal” and walked along the Sankenbach to the Sankenbachsee and then to the Sankenbach waterfall. This part of the Black Forest and this route is really unique because you can still see so many wild flowers that don’t exist anymore in our area. You can even find wild blueberry bushes along the way (the ones that are literally blue not only on the outside but also on the inside). It was fun for the kids to pick and eat them. Most of the way you have to walk over roots and rocks and if you choose not to take the bridge you can even cross the river by walking over rocks and stones (which made it even more exciting for the kids).

At the Sankenbach lake we took a little break to eat something. They have several benches there where you can sit and rest (or you can bring a picknick blanket). Right before you walk up the hill to the waterfall there’s also a BBQ pit and several benches. In case you want to BBQ that is a great spot.

On our way back we passed the deer enclosure. Unfortunately we only saw the deer running from a far distance but they also had an enclosure with Scottish highland cattle that we were able to pet. The whole loop was 4.9 miles and not too much elevation which makes it perfect for little children. All in all a wonderful hike that is not too much overrun (at least on a Saturday morning).

If you want to look at the whole route in detail come and follow me on komoot and check it out.

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