Our journeys

around the world

Our journeys

around the world
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Having fun in the water

My dear friend and super mama Julia Bär told me about something really cool for kids: The puddle jumper. Unfortunately, I don’t see a lot of kids wearing them in Germany. Even though they are so much safer and handy than the arm bends.


London calling, part III

On Saturday we first set out to buy a luggage scale cause we conveniently left ours at home. Later we went to the LEGO Shop. It is a shop filled with every imaginable LEGO stuff. On the first floor there’s even an area with little tables for kids to play with LEGO while the parents […]


London calling, part II

Friday started out with a big and hearty full English breakfast in our hotel. The kids eat for free so for London the breakfast was comparatively cheap. Right after I went shopping at Victoria’s Secret – without the kids as they are not the biggest fans of having to wait in the stroller. So Mike […]


London calling, part I

On Thursday we finally flew to London. Due to some unforeseen organizational last-minute problems with our ongoing renovation we were already late but we still got to the airport in time – only to learn that our plane was going to be delayed by 40 min. The boarding time was still the same (they even […]